Sunday, June 02, 2013

Reads and Writes Figures from V$FILESTAT

You can get the number of reads and writes your database has done on each datafile since the instance was started from V$FILESTAT. I have looked at the number of writes (PHYWRTS) before but I do not believe I have ever looked at the number of reads (PHYRDS). The figures below came from an Oracle 9 database: 

SQL> desc v$filestat
Name                       Null?    Type
-------------------------- -------- ------------------
FILE#                               NUMBER
PHYRDS                              NUMBER
PHYWRTS                             NUMBER
PHYBLKRD                            NUMBER
PHYBLKWRT                           NUMBER
SINGLEBLKRDS                        NUMBER
READTIM                             NUMBER
WRITETIM                            NUMBER
SINGLEBLKRDTIM                      NUMBER
AVGIOTIM                            NUMBER
LSTIOTIM                            NUMBER
MINIOTIM                            NUMBER
MAXIORTM                            NUMBER
MAXIOWTM                            NUMBER
SQL> l
  1  select sum(phyrds), sum(phywrts)
  2* from v$filestat
SQL> /
----------- ------------
    4604424       463172

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