Friday, November 30, 2012


The first screen print below shows 3 sessions on the same UNIX machine.
In the first session, I connected to ORCL as an externally identified user at 14:10:46.
In the second session, I connected to ORCL as SYS at 14:12:07 and issued a shutdown command. There are several ways to do this e.g. shutdown normal, shutdown transactional, shutdown immediate, shutdown abort and shutdown timeout. The default, if none of these options are specified, is shutdown normal. This causes the shutdown command to wait until all other sessions have logged out and this is what happened here.
Once you have run a shutdown command, Oracle does not allow other users to connect to the database. In the third session below, I tried to connect to database ORCL as an externally identified user at 14:14:13. This connection failed with an ORA-01090. As usual, click on the images to enlarge them and bring them into focus:

The second screen print below shows sessions 1 and 2 above a little later. The externally identified user logged out of the database in session 1 at 14:18:51. This allowed the shutdown command in session 2 to complete:


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